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CTHYOLO 17 published on

between tentacle monsters and mermaid comics, this is the fifth update this month (and we’re not even halfway through it!). gonna try to get another two pages in before february. lately been thinking about inviting the disaster that would be a comment section under these pages, let me know on twitter if that’s something you’d be into

ALSO I’ll be at a taste of animethon january 19th and 20th in edmonton so you should come to table T8 and say hi!


CTHYOLO 11 published on

heya! another double update, and the last one for a while for reals this time. dayjob/real life get in the way in a big way for a while, but we should be back sometime after the holiday rush (and who knows, maybe in limited capacity during it). see you soon, love you!

PS if you’re interested in buying my books as gifts, I recommend doing it soon so they ship in a timely manner! orders over $24 include a sketch of annie or your favourite mermaid. thanks!